What is Our Secret Sauce?

There has been significant change in the way we attend to work (at home, at the office, by the beach, in a café, in Europe !!) since COVID-19, as well as considerable efficiencies in the use of technology to assist our daily routines; but there have been on the counter side, immense financial, emotional and social complexities that have and will continue to challenge us all.

Through these last few years Cbc have continued to think about our offering to our clients, our team and society generally and maintain a focus on making sure our Secret Sauce is keeping the flavour of Cbc one that is to everyone’s taste ! That encapsulates being in touch with our clients, providing guidance, direction, information, a simple hello and how are you going.

Whilst the changes in where work is performed in some respects make us less connected than pre-COVID in some ways, it has resulted in greater connections in other ways – most significantly within the family and with friends.

In a world of increasing automation, and particularly as the march of A1 speeds up into all areas of our lives, resulting in potentially an even lesser need for face-to-face contact, it is essential for the Cbc DNA to be in some form of contact with our clients – and not just to talk “about the numbers”.

The strength of any business is its client relationships and a pro-active and engaged approach to client’s needs. Caring and adding value to what we can offer not only enhances our internal core value strength but enhances our bond with our clients.

The success of our firm is deeply entrenched in the success of our clients and how they perceive our contribution to their financial well-being, and the quality of the services we provide, and the care factor we bring to the table. We are very fortunate that our firm’s growth has arisen from the contact referrals our clients provide to their associates.

Our Corporate DNA

The Cbc culture is proudly positive, inquisitive, and inclusive as our core values were collaboratively designed by the whole Cbc Team. The team has a desire to achieve excellence together and a “one-team” approach has always been encouraged.

At Cbc Partners, we recognise the importance of our team members, our clients, and the wider community. Without these three, the firm would not exist.

Our Clients

Providing lasting value to our clients is what drives and motivates us to constantly strive to be better. As a trusted business advisor, we listen to our clients and work collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions.

Our client service standards are driven by our core values:

  • We aim to provide the best possible service to all clients.
  • We are committed to building and maintaining close relationships to ensure we understand unique client needs.
  • We aim to provide our clients with clear and relevant information, guidance, and feedback.
  • We always conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous and helpful manner.
  • We maintain high standards of accountability, integrity, and efficiency.
  • We strive to meet clients’ needs and respond to any communication promptly.
  • We provide an upfront price with a time frame for work completion.
  • We treat our clients equally and value each one of them, remembering that they are the reason we are in business.

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