Our Ideal Clients

With our diverse and dynamic team of accountants, business advisors, tax experts and auditors, we are fully equipped to cater for a wide range of clients. While we work with businesses of all types, sizes, and industries, it is essential to our teams’ personal professional growth, and our firms’ growth that we position Cbc Partners with an ideal client outlook.

Those aspirational ideal clients are:

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Young Entrepreneurs

  • You are a young entrepreneur who has a unique vision for building your own wealth and success.
  • You need a proactive advisor who can guide you towards achieving your goals, as you grow your business and embark on new ventures in a fast-paced environment.
  • You are looking for a dedicated advisor who understands the business challenges you face such as funding growth and acquiring personal assets, and is determined to help you overcome them.

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Transition to Business Success

  • You have been a successful employee for years, and are now finally ready to start your own business to enjoy fruitful rewards such as lifestyle changes and additional assets.
  • You are new at this and find yourself in the dark when it comes to setting up the right business structure, developing business plans, putting processes in place, cash flow forecasting, and obtaining financing.
  • You are in a specialised industry with unique opportunities and challenges, and need a multi-faceted advisor who can provide industry-specific advice that will help your business grow organically or through acquisitions.

Family Bsness Icon

Family Business/Existing Businesses

  • You are an established family-owned business with growing turnover and headcount who need expert assistance in overcoming specific challenges, whilst building wealth through property acquisitions, shares, cash holdings or other more exotic investments.
  • You have a generational history and wish to pass on a successful business that will secure a better future for you and your family.
  • You need an advisor with a good grasp of the structural complexity of family businesses who can help you put a structure in place that will work with your current and future operations.
  • You have a well established business that is simply not being provided with the access/advice/sounding board/care from your existing advisors.

Strata Mngmnt Icon

Strata Management

  • You are a progressive and growing strata management business who need an advisor who understands your industry and provides valuable solutions that drive growth.
  • You have a strong desire to provide best practice service solutions to your clients and require expert assistance to serve them better.
  • You are looking to work with experienced auditors and tax specialists who can provide timely solutions that will give your clients peace of mind and assurance.

If your business and life goals encompass any of these, get in touch and partner with us today!

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